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B. Baxter's Creating Reality from Thought Broken Down - Part 1: Wetiko and The New World Order.

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Although Bronte Baxter's original blog post is easily accessible, I feel it is necessary to undertake a deep breakdown into what she is trying to say as her writing is packed with spiritual wisdom that can easily be missed if you are simply wizzing through her article on your phone. I personally read the blog post several times to practice her method of reprogramming the subconscious, but it was not until I took a pen and paper out to jot down the salient points of the article did I realize how much went over my head - which gave me a better understanding of the mechanics and therefore made the reprogramming so much more effective.

If you want to go straight to the article, here is the link . It is highly recommended that you read the text slowly and meticulously, contemplating on each paragraph, because it helps your mind visualize the laws of creation thoroughly and persuade your subconscious mind to believe in the process - as the subconscious is the vehicle and belief is the engine, the fuel for creation.

Otherwise, you can take a look at the article below, which is the first in a series of articles where I will be laying out and elaborating on the spiritual and scientific groundwork that helps both newcomers and experienced spiritual practitioners alike understand Baxter's manifestation techniques not only in and of themselves but also within the wider context of all reality.

Lots of questions surround any discussion about creating reality (or manifesting desires) by using what is popularly called The Law of Attraction. What is this philosophy – something of genuine value or a spiritual detour? Is it selfish and superficial or actually healing and useful? Can it help the state of the world? Doesn’t it contradict the Law of Karma? If the Law of Attraction is real, why do affirmations so often seem to not work? Is there a more effective way to create reality through thought than the simple advice given in “The Secret*” DVD?

*The Secret is a 2006 Australian-American spirituality documentary consisting of a series of interviews designed to demonstrate the New Thought "law of attraction", the belief that everything one wants or needs can be satisfied by believing in an outcome, repeatedly thinking about it, and maintaining positive emotional states to "attract" the desired outcome. (Source: Wikipedia)

Let’s look at all these questions and start with a definition. The Law of Attraction is a law of nature that says whatever you think, you get: our thoughts determine what happens to us in the physical outer world called “reality.” Is this valid theory or New Age nonsense?

The theory is a sound one. The Law of Attraction operates at the heart of personal self-empowerment. It’s also the key to unlocking new possibilities in the universe. As such, it’s a powerful tool for defeating the New World Order* and creating a magnificent world.

Those who have read my blog are probably familiar with the idea that there is a Globalist conspiracy to take over the world, run through a network of secret societies and organizations that is structured like a spider's web (also called The Cult) answering to an unseen malevolent force (it can be best described as Wetiko, a Native American concept popularized by spiritual writer Paul Levy - a mind virus that takes us into conflict/fear/egoism and away from love/unity, although when the Gnostics/Christians/Muslims talk about Yaldabaoth/The Demiurge/Satan/Iblis they are talking about the same force) that seeks to maintain havoc in the 3D realm of the five senses so it can trawl as much energy created from suffering as possible.

"Indigenous author Jack Forbes, who wrote the classic book about wetiko entitled Columbus and Other Cannibals, refers to wetiko as “the sickness of exploitation.” Wetiko can be conceived of as being an evil, cannibalistic, vampiric spirit that inspires people under its sway to take and consume another’s resources and life-force energy solely for their own profit, without giving anything of value back from their own lives. Wetiko thus violates the sacred law of reciprocity in both human affairs and the natural world as a whole." - Paul Levy.

Wetiko comes to "The New World" in the form of the Conquistadors to the detriment of the Native Americans. Now it exists through Big Pharma, Big Tech, The Military-Industrial Complex, Mainstream Media, and The Banking-Finance Complex to exploit your time, labour, attention and emotions.

This energy of pain and suffering has been termed by out-of-body (OOB) expert Robert Monroe as 'loosh' during his OOB trips to the 4th Dimension/Astral Realm, which is a pocket of reality parallel to this one but exists on a different band of frequency. The Gateway Process, a CIA experiment in the 80s in which agents and participants, under the direction of Robert Monroe, were trained to undertake OOB tríp to the Astral Realm where they overwhelmingly discovered the existence of reptilian entities (a common expression of the Wetiko consciousness), which they called 'the alligators', consuming and absorbing this loosh that came from human suffering.

The 3rd and 4th dimensions interact extremely closely to each other, in that the 3rd Dimension - the dimension of form, is a holographic projection of the 4th Dimension - the dimension of Thoughts and Feelings. The Jewish esoteric Kabbalah calls the 4th Dimension, along with other spiritual dimensions outside the range of sight to be the Realms of Roots, while the 3D is the Realm of Leaves and Branches. If you think of holographic technology the 3D is really the holographic projection of the 4D - the interference pattern encoded in the holographic print that is brought to life by the collision of lasers, which symbolizes consciousness (but more on that in a later article).

The 3D and 4D realms based on the paradigm provided by the Kabbalah.

All things that we see as random people and happenings in our lives in what we perceive to the the 'outside physical world' is actually first drawn together in the Realms of Roots - the qualities of the people/events must match that of ours before they are drawn into our illusory 'physical reality', and you can see the congruence of the Kabbalah with the Law of Attraction. Understanding the relationship between the roots and the branches means that to solve worldly problems all change must come from within - a change of Mind.

To give an example, most diseases of the body do not originate from being exposed to external pathogens - they originate from negative or destructive thinking, mindset, attitude (commonly stress) and these root causes must be addressed if you are going to solve a health challenge fully. Getting hit by a pathogen or developing physical symptoms is simply the expression of internal disruption in the human energy field caused by repetitive negative thoughts and emotions. This is why pharmaceuticals are in the long-term harmful - you cut off the leaves which are showing signs of sickness, but do not address the malnutrition in the roots which is causing the sickness in the leaves. You can see why stifling symptoms but not addressing the root cause of disease is a very profitable business strategy for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Harmonious, positive thoughts and emotions result in coherence in the human energy field, while chaotic, negative thoughts and emotions cause incoherence. Disease is the physical expression of incoherence while health is the physical expression of coherence.

Back to the Fourth or Astral Dimension, when you hear about ghosts, earthbound spirits or other nasty vampiric/parasitic astral entities, people are referring to various lifeforms that exist in this realm. We don't normally see or hear or smell these entities because they exist in a band of frequency outside the range of the five senses, or simply the range of atomic matter which is a tiny percentage of all that is believed to exist in the universe (most sources would agree that ordinary/atomic matter make up less than 5%). And even visible light is a smaller range of frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum - a tiny portion of all ordinary/atomic matter in the universe. But what a lot of people can do is feel them - a draining, negative presence that cannot be explained where it comes from.

Now, Wetiko is a state of psychopathic, inverted state of consciousness that exists in a frequency band so far from the Infinite Source (which I will elaborate in the following article) that it needs to draw energy of a similar frequency - fear and similar negative emotions, for 'survival'. Survival here means for the consciousness to retain its current state of being, as consciousness cannot die outright, merely change its state, but it does not know this as it is so disconnected from the Infinite Source of Love and Wisdom, and so out of an illusory fear of death it must manipulate the world of the seen so that other pieces of consciousness - other sentient beings in general and humans in particular, must continually fight amongst each other to generate as much of this loosh as possible.

The One World Order is ultimately orchestrated from the 4th Dimension as a means to enslave the human population and guarantee a stable source of loosh for this Wetiko consciousness. Food security is what's its all about, and it uses people like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and George Soros - people who share similar characteristics as the Wetiko consciousness - as vehicles to procure this food for itself. Although they may seem all powerful and far reaching, these people are just pawns - vassals of Wetiko - but spiritually speaking really slaves to their own egos - the insatiable desires for more and more material and power, because if they had truly known Love they would not be capable of the things that they do (think of how many criminals have had tumultous and loveless childhoods which led to who they become in adult life).

In general, this One World Order entails the centralization of power - a one world government (the eventual conglomeration of internationally unelected technocratic organizations, an example would be the WHO and the IHR they are trying to push on the world quietly as an example), a one world army (NATO or the UN Army), centrally controlled banking and a currency that is not cash so that it can be encoded and controlled/tracked (WB, IMF, WEF and their promotion of CBDCs) and a microchipped population linked to a central hive-mind supercomputer (Elon Musk's Neuralink, Strong AI, WEF agenda) to lock in total mental and emotional control on the human mind, thereby guaranteeing a stable source of loosh for Wetiko.

Illustrations from The Light Newspaper

Understanding that there is a malevolent, unseen consciousness behind world events - Wetiko - answers the questions of why the Globalist efforts remain so coordinated over many many centuries, why elements of the agenda are so anti-human, why there is always funding for war (polititians 'possessed' by this Wetiko consciousness will push those agendas), why historically sacrifices to the Gods exist as a practice - the ends of modern child-trafficking rings and why they are never really prosecuted (e.g. Jimmy Savile, Jeffrey Epstein), and why NWO-manipulated mainstream science scoffs at spirituality or metaphysics as pseudoscientific nonsense (because it is the answer, and the key to self-empowerment).

There is a general consensus among spiritual circles that the answer to the Wetiko problem is Love - at the end of the day, the world's problems come down to an internal tussle in every human being between two opposite states of being/consciousness - love and fear. All other states of being are just shades in between. Which one you choose repeatedly determines the outcome that you experience in your reality, and collectively in society.

While many of 'truthers' focuses on exposing the NWO agenda and its spiritual root cause, the most well known of these people only go as far as saying that humans should 'open our hearts' and 'stop cooperating' with the agenda's rollout. But should that be all? Are we not also Creators who are collectively dreaming up this world through our thoughts and actions? We now know what we should not be creating, or helping to create through cooperation whether tacit or unintended, but what should we be creating? Do people actually know that there is tremendous power within them to actualize the realities they dream of?

Bronte Baxter goes a step further to say that we must learn to wield the power of manifestation to create a better world, as what we hold in our thoughts are what The Field of Infinite Possibility and Probability, otherwise known as 'God' will deliver to us as experienced holographic reality. The problem is, it is not what we hold in our conscious thoughts - but what is deeply encoded in our subconscious - which makes up around 90% of who we are, what we think and how we act, that really dictate what The Field delivers to our proximate reality.

This cannot be more practical given the fact that a lot of researchers - some of whom I know who work in the press - are beginning to see how the pieces are being moved by the NWO but fall into pessimism as they do not yet realise how they can personally be empowered to help change the situation.

Dealing with conspiracy everyday and hanging on to negative emotions but having no alternative 'dream' for The Field to deliver actually helps manifest this dystopia even further. This is exactly what Wetiko wants - its conspiracies exposed to a certain extent to sow enough fear into people's minds that pushes the manifested dream closer to reality. This is why Aldous Huxley and George Orwell (if I remember correctly they were both Freemasons) were allowed to write their books (although the latter arguably wrote the book to warn to population), why certain conspiracy 'theorists' (realists) are allowed to operate and not deleted off the face of earth (yet).

So Baxter's techniques, taken from her sources Dr. Joseph Murphy and Neville Goddard and refined by herself, on creating reality from thought offers a root-solution to the NWO as well as help kick-start immediate changes in your proximate reality - health, mental wellbeing, abundance, family, friends, etc, making you more personally empowered and independent, and less dependent on Mainstream Everything which is designed to harvest your time, attention, and money.

By [H], StarGate Info, From Bronte Baxter, Splinter in the Mind, Chapter 10: Creating Reality From Thought 20 December, 2023

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Jan 04

I have pondered the ‘metaphysics’ and ‘covered truths’ that you have been sharing. Thank you! I wanted to share these phenomena with you, the caveat is that I do not necessarily believe them; however, they have become prevalent in some circles, even Christian ones, viz.

1. Flat Earth and its advocates. I do not think that anyone can sway me that the earth is NOT a globe; however, this belief is quite strong. I dismiss this by the curvature of the ocean, watching the Pacific Ocean from the island where I live.

2. Alien Contact: I believe that the aliens are not cosmic visitors but are ‘beings’already here. If we look at it logically,the distances to travel with a spaceshi…

Jan 04
Replying to

Who are the Freemasons?

I realize for the average Mason, it is a fraternity for meeting other men to have a soiree along with camaraderie. However, on the higher rungs, 33 Degree Masons may have more power and hence can ‘influence’ society to a greater degree.

I always used to think that they were ‘theists’ in sense of the Christian and Jewish deity but I am no longer sure they are.

Adam Weishaupt was a real person who did found the Illuminati. He may not have been aware how his group morphed. Does Weishaupt’s Illuminati still exist? Here, I believe that organization uses the word ‘Illuminati’ to obfuscate the Deep State. I adhere to the notion that the Deep S…

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