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About Bronte Baxter

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Bronte Baxter is the pseudonym of a blogger - a true veteran who has dived deep into and has deep wisdom of the 'spirituality' scene. 

Bronte Baxter, through her blog Splinter in the Mind, is a seasoned spiritual practitioner and seeker of truth. Her 17 or so years practicing and teaching for the Transcendental Meditation movement has opened her eyes to the scams, traps, false doctrines and fake gurus that run rampant in the scene of 'spirituality' which ultimately serve the New World Order.

Despite that, Baxter has the ability to see and extract valuable nuggets of spiritual wisdom which she condenses in her blog, wisdom and truth to the level that StarGate Info has seldom seen in other spiritual masters up to this point. Her biggest contribution - highlighting the power of how thought is used to create reality and how the subconscious can be harnessed to exercise that power, is the master key to personal empowerment, beating the Wetiko-controlled Globalists and bringing about a new and better world from the collective dream of its inhabitants.

Baxter's arguments relating to spirituality, although written a decade ago, remains so compelling that it broke StarGate away from David Icke - whom the group considered to be the number one bastion of wisdom and truth up to mid-November of 2023 (and he is already far ahead of any other spiritual master/guru that the team has ever come across). Baxter has provided new sources of wisdom to be explored  - primarily the book called The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy, and so currently this is the new tragectory of StarGate right now.

Nonetheless, both Baxter and Icke stresses a key point: to defeat the NWO humanity needs to not only become streetsmart to the fact that there is a conspiracy of a global scale going on with its origins in realms beyond the world of the seen (which is the less than 0.005% of all reality perceived by the five senses) orchestrated by a malevolent, inverted state of consciousness best described as the Native American concept of Wetiko (Satan, Yaldabaoth, Iblis describes the same force), but also to become spiritually awakened or adept, with each individual coming to their own power as an Automonous Co-creator of all reality (from which practical/social/political/economic solutions can be built and applied), and their true identity as unique point of consciousness,  a unique expression of The Infinite/The Creator/The All That Is, Has Been, And Ever Can Be. 

Far too many people exist in one realm but not the other: you have truth tellers all across the globe making up the alternative media such as Clayton Morris, Jimmy Dore, Russell Brand, Tucker Carlson and news outlets such as The Light, The Grayzone, that do a brilliant job exposing the five-sense conspiracies but that refuse to touch anything beyond, which is where the real power lies. And on the other side you have multiple spiritual movements and metaphysical researchers that have so much spiritual widsom (e.g. KabU, Shaman Durek and so many spiritual experts on Gaia) but are largely oblivious to the real scale and intent of the conspiracy going on.

The real power comes when you are able to put both together and get the big picture - you can avoid falling for or cooperating with the global-scale deceits and societal programming, protecting your mind, health, wellbeing and freedom from the shackles of the Matrix, while becoming more and more fulfilled, empowered and free as you rise to Truth and your higher purpose, whatever it may be.


We beat the NWO by outcompeting them with our own systems and solutions, and this requires as many people as possible to start taking responsibility for themselves, their perceptions and what they bring into the world through their existence.

The only issues I have so far with Baxter is that at times she criticises too harshly the idea of Oneness - that it is meant to turn the masses into a conforming, homogenous blog of consciousness (which is the idea behind the NWO A.I. hive-mind). Oneness - the fact that at our very core, we are all One, is a necessary understanding to encourage us to treat each other more with more love and understanding, so long as it does not kill individuality and autonomy.

Baxter also champions Alex Jones and certain philosophies of political conservatism, which, for me indicates a limited understanding of the world of the seen. Although Alex Jones has been a stalwart in speaking and exposing truth, I feel his knowledge of the world, his ability to connect the big picture, ability to organize and present information coherently, as well as existential wisdom are still vastly far behind what David Icke can do, so other than the absolutely golden memes I have not been able to use much of his material. 

Nonetheless, Bronte Baxter and her sources on mastering the power of the subconscious is the probably the brightest path at the moment, and the number one priority for StarGate Info right now.

UPDATE December 12, 2023: All David Icke content deleted from StarGate. He, unfortunately, has fallen far too low in terms of vibration after being hijacked by malevolent forces during his recent out-of-body trips (the hijacks began when he started to write his latest book The Dream back in early 2023) that operate in the unseen (lower Fourth Dimension, also called the lower Astral Realm - the realm of Mind and Emotions), so any energetic connection with his material is overall harmful. 

About the Light Paper

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A recent BBC hit piece on The Light and its editor-in-chief, Darren Nesbitt.

The Light is a self-published, monthly British newspaper founded by Darren Nesbitt (frequently under the pseudonym Darren Smith) which exposes information that the mainstream media will not dare touch. It also publishes in Australia.

The Light reports on major issues such as the Covid pandemic hoax and vaccine injuries, the climate hoax, the push for a centrally controlled global Orwellian Big Brother state, the fraudulent international monetary system (e.g. how taking currency off the Gold Standard allowed states to print endless money to finance wars which otherwise would not be able to carry on for so long had their currencies been backed).


Most importantly, it explores socio-economic and political alternatives to current global systems, which is something we all need to ponder and contemplate if we intend to collectively make the world a better place.

Personal observation by [H]: Although I agree and support most of what the Light is doing - bringing much needed information on pressing current issues that is hidden from the public, providing brilliant insight and creative solutions, I feel some articles could use a lot of improvement on meeting what I would consider journalistic standards (based on my time working in mainstream media and past law degree) in terms of providing sufficiently specific arguments to support their contentions and title-content coherence. 

But unlike a lot of the mainstream media they do not outright lie. In any case, all information provided should only be used as a reference and is no substitute for your own critical thinking, research, and coming to your own conclusions based on personal experience.

It must be noted that Darren Nesbitt appeared on the This Morning TV show back in 2018 to defend his contentions that the earth is flat. Him being wrong about that does not necessarily mean him being wrong on the other things - see his reasoning for yourself.


And in any case, a good number of people still believe the 'Covid vaccine' is 'safe and effective' and that the WHO is a reliable and independent medical consultory body (not to mention actively propagating this belief), which shows we all have blind spots and each and every one of us possesses the extraordinary talent to not see the blatantly obvious.

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